Helping Veterans and Military Repair, Improve, and Maintain Their Credit Scores

VA Credit Solutions is dedicated to helping the Military and Veterans of America establish, maintain and repair their credit.  A good credit score is important to all aspects of your life, especially applying for a VA home loan or personal loan.  As a Veteran you are entitled under the Veterans Housing Act of 1970, to many exclusive benefits when it comes to home loans.

Although VA Loans do not have credit requirements, the banks do!

Let VA Credit Solutions help you achieve the American Dream of home ownership by improving your credit score, allowing you to purchase the home of your dreams!

  • "Altogether, 79% of the credit reports surveyed contained either serious errors or other mistakes of some kind"

  • "Twenty-five percent (25%) of the credit reports surveyed contained serious errors that could result in the denial of credit, such as false delinquencies or accounts that did not belong to the consumer"                                                                                                                                


Taking your personal credit score and credit history  into account, we offer consulting, credit repair, and consumer credit education.

Free Consultation

One of our experienced credit solution specialists will analyze and explain the various aspects of your credit report helping you to understand where the problem lies and how to solve it. This analysis is free of charge to you. 

Credit Repair

Our credit repair specialists will customize a game plan specifically for your needs, with everything from the smallest to the most complex problems. We are confident that once we have implemented our services you will to see an increased credit rating almost immediately.

Credit Education

At VA Credit Solutions we feel that good credit takes more than just a quick fix. Rather than a band aid over the problem we incorporate credit education to ensure good credit long term.

Transition into home loan qualification

Once we have helped you increase your credit score we will guide you into a smooth transaction to purchase the home of your dreams!

Let's make it happen! Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.